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FPV Drone Services

FPV Drone Service The first thing you think of as we mention drones is Aerial shots, 3D Mapping, and other traditional drone uses but have you ever heard of FPV Drones ? First-person view (FPV) flight is one of the most exciting, immersive ways to fly a drone, which has been soaring in popularity across…

Why Drone in Real Estate?

Why Drone in Real Estate? Drones are widely used in many industries today, with communications and media such as filmmaking and commercial photography accounting for 60% of their usage. The first thing to think of as a real estate agency/agent is how the real estate industry will benefit from it? Real estate has become the…

We are featured on Houzz!

We are featured on Houzz! We were hand-picked by a houzz writer to be featured in an editorial ideabook on the homepage of Houzz “How to Plan a Home’s Design Around People and the Planet”.

Why photography and video in real estate?

Why photography and video in real estate? When it Comes to Real Estate Marketing, Presentation is Everything In today’s world of the internet, visuals are more important than ever. Photos and videos narrate the story not only of the home but also of the person who is going to live there. It captures buyers’ attention,…

What is Three D Media doing to help during the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)?

With the recent development around the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we would like to address that we are committed to serving our customers in this turbulent time and will adhere to strict hygienic practices!  – Washing hands before & after each photo-shoot – Avoiding handshakes – Try avoiding touching surfaces and moving objects – Upon request wearing masks…