Photo Editor

Thao Chief Photo Editor A true perfectionist in his craft, Thao makes sure every one of our photos shines with pure accurate colors and every line is straight and level… he makes even our pickiest customers overflowing with happiness. Additionally he is a hard worker, a team player, and just a cool guy overall. An…


Susan Production Manager BACK

Production Manager

Mircea Production Manager BACK

Yelp Ads Specialist

Gus Yelp Ads Specialist 10+ years of marketing, B2B & B2C sales experience. In my working career I have generated over $10 million in revenue for different companies and have established long-term relations with clients that are still utilized by these companies today. I am highly motivated, outgoing and strive to consistently conquer any endeavor…

Legal Council, IP

Joshua Legal Council, IP Joshua’s practice concentrates on intellectual property litigation, particularly patent and trademark litigation, as well as copyright and trade secret protection, license and technology agreements, portfolio development, and Intellectual Property issues arising in corporate and finance transactions. Joshua handles complex business litigation, primarily in the electrical engineering, telecommunications and computer science fields.…

Legal Council, Contracts

Gahram Legal Council, Contracts Gahram is no stranger to the ups and downs that business owners may experience. She understands overcoming fears, success and rejection, resiliency in disappointments, and the challenges of navigating changing economies. When Gahram was young, she wanted to be a doctor, so she could help her patients grow from infants to…

Sales Manager

Sean Sales & Customer Service Manager Sean is the type of guy that flows with positive energy and warms everyone with a big smile. He is punctual and filled with high integrity, earning our customer’s trust with every phone call, email, and handshake. Education Background: San Diego State University-California State University Degree Name Bachelor’s degree…

Website Development

Anthony Website Development Well versed with different types of media, detail oriented, yet able to see the big picture. Flair for developing unique solutions to complex problems. Visionary, yet practical focus on challenges. Continuous learning attitude. I’ve experience with working in an English speaking team and participated in meetings either with teammates or customers. Also…

Music Director

Jeanette Music Director As a professional musician, Jeanette, makes sure that everyone of our videos are filled with passion and emotion through the choice of perfectly selected song on every project and every second edited to audible perfection. Jeanette earned a Bachelors Degree with Dean’s award from a prestigious University of Massachusetts Boston. BACK

3D Animator

Alex 3D Animator When it comes to 3D design and renderings, Alex makes each project as realistic and detailed as possible. He is self-taught, highly disciplined, and detail oriented. BACK