I’m going to start off by saying that it is very hard to live up to my expectations and standards when it comes to Real Estate. I take the marketing of a property more serious than probably any agent I know. I’ve been selling homes for 19+ years, been a Home Stager for 24+, a Real Estate Trainer & Coach for 13+ years, so I have been around in the Real Estate world and my level of getting it right is almost asking for too much, to be honest. In fact, on my most recent listing, I hired 2 photographers and 3 videographers due to how particular I am and wanting everything to be done to perfection. I have to say, and I don’t get to say this often…but the photos and video that Dmitri did really are incredible to say the least. The detail all the way down to the different photo options in the tvs are off the hook fantastic! The extent that Dmitri went to for these shots I can’t find the words to describe. He and I spent 6.5 hours from afternoon into the night to get it right and he got it right beyond belief! Seriously I am really impressed and thankful for his extra detail . Everything is just fantastic all the way through to the night photos! Wow! And the 3D video! Crazy impressive! The quality is the best I have seen EVER for a 3D video! I am so very happy with this quality and the final photos and video delivered to me! Thank you, thank you Dmitri! You really made me happy with what you have done and I can’t thank you enough! Top notch quality and detail! You rock! Please know how grateful I am for you being patient with me making sure every shot was right and that you too were so particular on the shots and 3D video as well as the fine job you did on editing! This is the first time I have ever given a review for anything. The fact that I am leaving this detailed review, quite frankly says it all!